How to Add Social Lockers to WordPress Posts

Social locker is a type of content locker. It hides a part of your content and requires the readers to take a certain action like tweeting the post or paying a Facebook like in order to access the restricted content.

By adding a social locker to your posts, you will see a quick growth of the social shares, which helps increase your website traffic. Besides, when used properly, they are able to assist you in building your brand and gaining more followers. These benefits are especially important for new websites and those offering valuable content that is hardly seen on other sites.

The best way to add social lockers to WordPress posts and pages is to use a plugin which deals with all the technical things. There are several great plugins for completing the task, while most of them require a fee. Fortunately, several free options are available, too, among which OnePress Social Locker is the best one.

About OnePress Social Locker

It is a popular social locker plugin with thousands of active installs. It comes with three social buttons including Facebook like, Google +1 and Twitter tweet, so by using it, your readers will have to complete one of the actions to get access to your valuable content that has been locked down. Other favorable features brought by the plugin include:

  • You can add any URL for your readers to share on their social accounts.
  • The plugin comes with attractive styles and effects.
  • It has built-in analytics that helps you analyze the performance of your lockers and optimize them.
  • The plugin is search engine friendly as all locked content is accessible to search engine bots.

Add Social Lockers to WordPress Posts by Using the Plugin

To use the plugin to lock down some of your content, you need to take several steps, among which the first step is to install the plugin, of course. When the installation is finished, remember to activate the plugin immediately. Then you will see the Social Locker menu item. Now you can complete the following steps one by one.

Configure the settings

OnePress Social Locker comes with a number of settings. So before using it, you'd better check the settings and make necessary changes. To access these settings, click on "Global settings".

Among all the plugin settings, you have to deal with the ones under the "Social Options" tab. There, you can choose a language used for the social buttons, enable lazy loading, and set up the API keys and app IDs for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The plugin has prepared a Facebook app ID, Twitter API keys and a Google Client ID, so you are able to get the fields filled up automatically. However, it also allows you to use your own Facebook app, Twitter app and Google Client ID.

After saving the changes, you can check the "Stats Options" tab and enable Google Analytics for better statistics to analyze in the future.

Then, you should open the "Front-end Text" tab to customize the texts shown in your social locker.


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Add a new social locker

After setting up the plugin, you can create your first locker. When adding a new locker, you are faced with two choices – social locker and sign-in locker. Your choice should be social locker.

To create a good social locker, you first need to give a title to it. And for the "Basic Options", you have to write a custom locker header, locker message, and then select a theme from the pre-defined options. The locker message supports media files.

Scroll the screen down, you are able to see a preview of the social locker. If you are not satisfied with the design, try changing a theme.

After checking the design, you still need to configure the social options. You can enable or disable the Facebook like button, Twitter tweet button and Google +1 button as you like, and add custom URLs to the buttons. If you want more button options, such as Facebook share, Twitter follow, YouTube subscribe and LinkedIn share, you can upgrade to the premium version of the plugin.

When you are done with all the options, publish the social locker.


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Add the social locker to a WordPress post

It is easy to add a locker to a post because there are shortcodes available to use. On the locker details page, you will see the shortcode exclusive to a locker.

To lock a piece of content, simply open the post or page, find the content, and then put them inside the shortcode.

Now preview the post, and you will see the social locker in action.


OnePress Social Locker is an easy-to-use and well-maintained plugin that enables you to add social lockers to your content without spending much time or putting in much energy. With it, you can add unlimited social lockers easily.

However, when using social lockers, you must remember the following rules.

  • Only lock down the valuable content which is really helpful for the readers.
  • Never abuse social lockers or you will drive away many visitors and your content will lose its value.
  • Never lock down the entire post or page.


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