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Tell your doctor right away if a pregnancy occurs while either the mother or the father is taking ribavirin.

All medications work best when they are taken exactly as prescribed and directedThis means taking the medications in the right amount and at the right time for the entire time that your treatment lastsSkipping doses or stopping treatment altogether means that the treatment may not work as well and the chance of being cured is lower.

Pegasys is a new generation hepatitis C therapyIn combination with CopegusPegasys is the only pegylated interferon that offers all patient groupsgenotype 1 and non-1even with difficult-to-treat advanced liver diseaseCompared to standard interferon it offers more patientswith even difficult-to-treat and advanced liver diseasea better chance of a cure when compared with non-pegylated interferonIt is given once-weekly by injection and compared to standard combination therapyPegasys is associated with a significant reduction in the incidence of certain side-effects such as flu-like symptomsdepression and hair loss.

If you are a womando not take ribavirin if you are pregnantYou will need frequent pregnancy tests to make sure you are not pregnant while taking ribavirin.

Other side effects that may be caused by ribavirin include inflammation of the pancreaspancreatitislung problemseye problemsdental disordersand delayed growth in childrenThese are not all the possible side effects of ribavirinPatients should talk to their doctor about what to expect with treatment with ribavirin1,2.

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