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2Many people are allergic to sildenafilwhich is a substance present in Viagra.

Side effects can occur It is not good for those who have heart related issues Not good for those who have high blood pressure issues There are other medications that might not work with it.

Zenegra helps men combat the symptoms of Erectile DysfunctionWith thisit makes every user of this product to live a normal sexual life with their partnersIt works by restoring the normal blood flow the penile area.

In the event that Zenegra ingestion should cause pain or extreme side effectsmedical attention should be sought as soon as possible.

Erectile Dysfunction is extremely common amongst menand by some estimates one in every 5 adults will suffer some form of this condition during their livesThe conditionwhich could have any number of triggersincluding reaction to medicationdiseasesstress or other medical conditionscauses an inability to have pleasurable sexual relationships.

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