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Som common sid cts associatd with Atan includ nausa, blud vision, dizzinss, constipation, and nvousnss. Som popl using Atan may alsxpinc dowsinss and conusion. All ths sid cts may incas th isk alls. Tho, it is advisabl that it is usd only und th supvision a halthca povid.

Patints with cadiac, liv, kidny disods, with hyptnsion, should b closly monitod.

Though it hlps many popl, this mdication may somtims caus addiction. This isk may b high i you hav a substanc us disod (such as ovus addiction tdugs/alcohol). Dnot incas you dos, tak it motn, us it a long tim than pscibd. Poply stop th mdication whn sdictd. Som conditions may bcom wos whn th dug is suddnly stoppd. You dos may nd tb gadually dcasd.

ATAN (tihxyphnidyl) is containdicatd in patints with hypsnsitivity ttihxyphnidyl HCl tany th tablt lixi ingdints. Atan (tihxyphnidyl) is alscontaindicatd in patints with naow angl glaucoma. Blindnss at long-tm us du tnaow angl glaucoma has bn potd.

Pgnancy and bast-ding Dnot tak this mdicin i you a pgnant, planning tbcom pgnant, bast-ding without consulting you doctist. Diving and using machins Tihxyphnidyl can caus blud vision dizzinss. Dnot div opat machiny i this happns tyou. Impotant Inomation about th ingdints Tihxyphnidyl Tablts This mdicin contains stach. This is suitabl popl with colic disas. Patints with what allgy (dint om colic disas) should not tak this mdicin.

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