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Patients should be instructed not to discontinue therapy without consulting their physicianSudden cessation of clonidine treatment hasin some casesresulted in symptoms such as nervousnessagitationheadacheand tremor accompanied or followed by a rapid rise in blood pressure and elevated catecholamine concentrations in the plasmaThe likelihood of such reactions to discontinuation of clonidine therapy appears to be greater after administration of higher doses or continuation of concomitant beta-blocker treatment and special caution is therefore advised in these situationsRare instances of hypertensive encephalopathycerebrovascular accidents and death have been reported after clonidine withdrawalWhen discontinuing therapy with CATAPRES tabletsthe physician should reduce the dose gradually over 2 to 4 days to avoid withdrawal symptomatology.

The Catapres brand of clonidine is used to treat hypertensionhigh blood pressureThe Kapvay brand is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorderADHD

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drinking alcohol can increase certain side effects of clonidine transdermal.


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