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You should contact your doctor right away of you have any behavior or mood changes, such as anxiety, depression, or thoughts about suicide while taking singulair.

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Results showed that improvement in asthma control was mixedA small improvement in the montelukast group was seen using one of the two control measuresThere was no difference in lung functionasthma symptom scoreshealth care utilizationor health-related quality of life between the treatment and control groups.

Earlier this month he learned that Chloe’s asthma medication Montelukasta chewablecherry-flavoured tabletcould trigger suicidal thoughts and actionsdepression and aggressive behaviour.

This drug works by blocking certain natural substancesleukotrienesthat may cause or worsen asthma and allergiesIt helps make breathing easier by reducing swellinginflammationin the airways.

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please note that singulair is not a fast-action drug for emergency purposes.


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