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It is essential to follow the directions of the physician when taking NizagaraAlsocheck the packaging of the drug to know the instruction regarding the right amount of doseNizagara should be taken not more than once every dayMake sure that if you will take it on a regular basisit has to be 24 hours apartOtherwiseyou might suffer from health problemsIf a dose you are ought to take is missedit is a must take it the soonest that you recall itNeverthelessyou have to pass the missed dosage if the time for the next dosage is actually near.

As a result of the studies it has been indicated that the most probable Viagra side effects are headachedizzinessnasal stuffinessredness of the neck and facetemporal vision disorderblurred visionor high light sensitivityand also inversive temporal color blindness.

Pfizer company has also patented the brand name Viagra but the formula of the active component has come into the general access and many pharmaceutical companies have started creating analoguesGeneric Sildenafil

In case of these Viagra side effects a medical intervention is not required because they pass and are not dangerous for the patient.

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