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Syndromes unconsciousness beta-blocker medicines such as propranolol aspirin, warfarin coumadin , or other blood-thinning medications to lower your risk of stroke.

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I you tak psciption mdications high blood pssu, high cholstol, and diabts, thy may not b nough tpotct you hat. Talk tyou doctabout whth ths mdications a nough you and whth adding an aspiin gimn can hlp uth duc th isk anoth hat attack clot-latd (ischmic) stok.

In a study popl with pigastointstinal blding, whos doctos lt thi chanc having a hat attack was high nough twaant aspiin thapy dspit its gastointstinal isks, a standad dos Pvacid ducd thi isk uth blding by about ightold. ntic-coatd aspiin bud aspiin dnot appa thav a ducd isk blding oth advs vnts in th stomach.

This is not a complt list. I you want tchck whth a mdicin is sa ttak with aspiin, ask you doctphamacist, ad th lalt that coms with th mdicin.

Som mdicin lalts advis taking aspiin with wat, whil oths may commnd taking it bat ood.

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