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Busing BACTOBAN ointmnt, tll you halthca povid about all you mdical conditions including i you:

A small quantity Bactoban ointmnt should b applid tcov th actd aa. Th tatd aa may b covd by a dssing.

Stat oom tmpatu away om moistu and hat. Dnot z. Kp th mdicin tub tightly closd whn not in us.

Bactoban is a topical antibactial agnt, activ against thos oganisms sponsibl th majoity skin inctions, .g. Staphylococcus auus , including mthicillin-sistant stains, oth staphylococci, stptococci. It is alsactiv against Gam-ngativ oganisms such as schichia coli and Hamophilus inlunza . Bactoban Ointmnt is usd skin inctions, .g. imptigo, olliculitis, uunculosis.

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